Tomb Enslaver – No. 91-145 Pics. (Part 3)

Trapped within a shadowy cell, Lara faces more than just barriers. Bound in a captivating metal design that both constrains and excites, she grapples with fear, vulnerability, and unforeseen desires. But the real mystery unfolds as a cryptic red gemstone awakens, altering her reality.

All parts are available via Dropbox main menu.

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1 thought on “Tomb Enslaver – No. 91-145 Pics. (Part 3)”

  1. Took me a bit longer than “very soon” 😛
    But it’s a brilliant update! Loving it.

    Think it’s my favourite of all your current stories.
    Love the setting of it even though Lara may not be your original character she really works great with the setting you created.

    Can’t wait what else you cook up for her (hopefully she remains steel bound without any latex – not that I don’t like it :D)


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