Hello, everyone! I owe everyone and apology, as well as an explanation I have been suffering from several ailments. For one, I had to have someone add thermal pads to my VGAs due to heating issues while rendering. This has consumed more time than I expected. Soon after, I got very sick. As of now, …

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[WIP-3] Final preview!

I had to learn a few new skills in order to create even more lifelike scenes for you. All that's left is the text and publication!

[WIP-2] from upcoming release

Ever since I've been producing content, I've always tried to make better and better human skin material. Now maybe I managed to level up again.:) Final render with post process.

The Asylum 7 – [Part 3] [Previews]

Greetings everyone!  Let me show you all a preview of what is to come in the final arc of "The Asylum": Chapter 7! I am actively working in it and will release it once it is completed rather immediately. I think this will be an epic conclusion.:)

WIP-1 | The Asylum 4

Greetings, everyone!   I'm working on Asylum 4. This model is nearly done but I planning to add as much details as I can. Today I start to build up the new environment also. More pictures and more often are coming! They will be published in this gallery below. This is just a raw render. …

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