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  1. I do love your artwork and stories but I’m not a huge fan of Supernatural type bondage… like the symbiote in Asylum, the new Lara Croft one which seems to go in that direction… i liked more your realist type bondage in Tombstone Service & The Magic Cube… those were real and left a little to the imagination… and i would love to see a continuation of Tombstone and Magic Cube…

    1. Lock-Master

      I see and thank you! Well the current story will be “active” in two dimensions. One for real and one for imagination. I hope I can create a good balance between these two but I will keep in my mind what you wrote and the real things will be kept on surface.

      Lara must meet someone to fight in order to reach the conclusion. But I can tell you that the story will be ended in the real world purely.

  2. I’m a huge fan of your work as well, and hope to see much more. My preference is rather the other way, huge fan or sci-fi and fantasy/magical bondage that the protagonist is ultimately helpless to stop. Animated chains and restraints make for surprise and intrigue in the scenes for me. I’m not a big fan of piercings myself, but have thoroughly enjoyed the asylum series and Tomb Enslaver so far and the capture adventure series too. Do hope to see more of your work come to fruition! Many thanks.

  3. Metal Master

    I like how you’re making more detailed storylines, but it might be nice to just have dedicated pages for text, rather than covering some of the photos with text. Just a thought..

  4. My favorite work is the more natural things that really big corporations or individuals with money can make happen. Like the massage machine that locks the woman down. Or the one where the windows are locked with steel leaving no way out from the hotel/house. Or the one where the woman is walking and a van pulls up and injects her, taking her and forcing her to sign documents while they have her on an ice cube. Anything more natural, and realistic.

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