Fragments Of Us – Part 8 – Programmed for Pleasure


Here we are with a new chapter of ‘Fragments of Us’!

Luna is trapped in a high-tech room of relentless desires, all while struggling to overcome serum induced arousal. To make matters worse, she’s being tormented and restrained by a sentient drone… Luna’s body craves release, but the drone must fulfill its purpose! When desire is programmed, pleasure knows no bounds!

As always, we bring another story to test bound ladies’ limits in terms of endurance and submission!

The next chapter will surely be interesting. Will Luna struggle against her restraints, bound by technology, or will she surrender to pleasure, driven by her primal needs? Her body’s initial response is only the beginning…

All contents are available via Dropbox main menu.

As always, your support is deeply appreciated!

Lock-Master, Ghostface

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