Who Am I?

Lock-Master Corporation®

I’m Lock-Master and I have been creating NSFW 3D-BDSM fetish images and animations since 2018. Previously I worked as a 3D visual artist but as time went on I came to the realization that I could provide much more enjoyable content if I approached it from a very different side. Because of my strong love for metal-bondage and latex I started to create content with this theme. Currently I am working on building a universe that is based on an evil worldwide company called Lock-Master Corporation.

This company’s main portfolio is manufacturing BDSM toys – which aren’t actually toys but rather extremely reliable high-tech security bondage devices. In these stories, Lock-Master provides extreme and cruel services for the affluent, including kidnapping and locking-up women securely, and permanently. I think this storyline has nearly infinite possibilities and now I try to explore each possibility chapter to chapter.


Average 3D porn contents? No way!

There are 3D graphics software that are regularly used in the 3D porn industry to the point of overuse, and they are very limited. I went in my own direction and started using software so that I could create anything I envisioned at any time. Because of this, you will find many unique 3D bondage devices, clothes, and environments too, all of which are made by me personally, just for your satisfaction! I wanted to create content that exceeds the average content out there, which gives my work an advanced and blended result,  something that  my fans consider to be higher than average content.

Another important component is the feedback provided by the fans, your opinion is always taken into consideration via the Lock-Master Forum and Polls. Become a shareholder of Lock-Master Corp. and join in building the company’s world domination! We will not stop until every woman on Earth is locked up or bondaged with the most secure bondage devices verified by Lock-Master Corp!

Quality animations

2160p resolution with 360° view

I also produce animations up to 2160p resolution with 360° view, which allow you to view scenes from any desired angle. In the near future I also plan to start development of a real time 3D TPS bondage game.

What will you find on this page?

2K-4K even 8K ultra-high resolution versions

There are over 5000 insanely high quality pictures available on this page already! This means 4K, sometimes 8K pictures (depending on the current scene). All contents are easily viewable in online galleries. There are also videos being uploaded to the Vimeo video sharing portal for instant playing.