Tomb Enslaver – Previews [part 4]

I reworked skin materials, which gives more spectacular results.

3 thoughts on “Tomb Enslaver – Previews [part 4]”

    1. Lock-Master

      The situation is not that simple. This guy has a solid military background, which was only half revealed in the “Last of the Elven” and he has a shared history with Lara from the past. However, as it turns out from the previous part of Tomb Enslaver, Lara fell into a coma and the story continues in her nightmares, which are fed by her memories. Combining these, it turns out that several figures can appear, so these do not happen randomly. There will also be an unexpected twist at the very end, which depicts a much more dramatic situation.

      1. garfieldcat

        Don’t t ake me too seriously!
        I’m sure it will be great.
        It’s just that last of the elven is your only scenario that I didn’t like too much hehe.
        So when I saw the guy being posted I simply decided to drop that comment ๐Ÿ˜›

        As always can’t wait for new update!


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