The Price of Ambition – Part 5.

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The Price of Ambition: Part 5 is here! Things will surely get more complicated with this twist! Elizabeth’s reaction to it will surely both be amusing as it is horrifying! How long can she continue to cooperate with enthusiasm… to this cold room of strangers that wish to put her into the most crude of situations for the sake of entertainment? We shall surely see how badly she wants a future in the ‘Big World’.

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  1. Okay, wasn’t expecting that…

    If I may… The thread across many of the stories so far appears to be that LockMaster Corporation is trying to develop a sentient or semi-sentient form of latex-like “symbiote” that can be used to capture and imprison people (while making them look hawt), while remaining absolutely and perfectly loyal to LockMaster Corp.

    Unfortunately, too many of the prototypes have gone off the rails in one way or another. Mi27 adopted the capture-and-imprison imperative, but refused to be a subject/slave herself. L182 had an unfortunate habit of eating its occupants. And the symbiote from the Asylum wasn’t too happy with its situation (or the Director).

    This latest one seems a bit chatty…

    1. Lock-Master

      Hey, Thanks for your explaining and that’s correct! I think I can tell a small but maybe interesting spoiler, but there will be a connection between the Asylum’s and the current simbyote. The colour of the symbiotes also mean something…:) I finishing the last part of “The Aslyum” soon because there will be a reference in that part for future possible happenings.

      1. Would it also be correct to assume that the island castle in Capture Adventure (the one that looks like a side-quest from Skyrim) is a dumping ground for early/failed symbiote prototypes? They definitely have a predatory instinct, but don’t appear to have any real sentience or intelligence — a sort of latex amoeba…

        Also, somewhat tangential question: If the symbiotes can manifest perfectly form-fitting solid steel restraints for any purpose out of thin air… What do they need the padlocks for? Are they part of the psychology to subjugate the victim?

        1. Lock-Master

          Correct, they are exists in same universe but in different time. Also this is a process of improving symbiotes. All parts of bondage devices that tha symbiote forming are depending on previously coded samples. The symbiote can use these samples and make new combinates that is necessary for actual situation. There will be explained some new details about symbiote’s working mechanism in the current part that can help to understand a litttle bit more what is going on and why Lock-Master Corp. do these tests.

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