The Asylum 7 – [Part 3] [Previews]

Greetings everyone! 

Let me show you all a preview of what is to come in the final arc of “The Asylum”: Chapter 7! I am actively working in it and will release it once it is completed rather immediately. I think this will be an epic conclusion.:)

5 thoughts on “The Asylum 7 – [Part 3] [Previews]”

  1. Mr. Muzzle Maker

    How much longer? It seems like you used to create a lot more content quite a bit faster. Quality it very good. But I guess I really liked some of your older works as well. Will you be revisiting any of your older works?

  2. Mr. Muzzle Maker

    Are you still gonna add the chapter between “preparation” and “fusion”? The doctor was supposed to outfit Evilyn with the restraints that the director pointed to on the table. To keep her from constantly fingering herself through the second stage of mutigen. I really looked forward to those images.

  3. Mr. Muzzle Maker

    Evilyn is super hot. But I would like to see some of your earlier creations revisited. Like “Revenge 1 and 2 just” to name just a few.

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