The Asylum 6 – Breaking [688-722 pics] + News

Greetings, everyone!

There are some new updates (relating to the release of the new content) that I would like to share with everyone. The end of this September and for most of this October, I have undergone some health-related hardship. At first, I thought I merely had a cold. I was reserved to handle this on my own, naturally, at home until the symptoms subsided. However, I eventually had to see a doctor and I was given the initial diagnosis: advanced bilateral pneumonia. Thankfully, while this is often associated with COVID-19, it was confirmed that my ailment was unrelated. A true blessing, however I had spent twelve entire days in the hospital. Fortunately, I am home and everything is once again fine.

However, in relation to Asylum 6, I have only recently gotten to work on it and it was rather immediately once my health ailments were settled. But, do to the lack of time and the fact I still have only recently arrived back home, I was not able to make much for a complete chapter until now. But – I do not want to keep all of you waiting! Therefor, Asylum 6 will be a special case – released in several smaller parts. This first package will be part one of Asylum 6! It will take me around another week to finish the next 25-35 pictures for immediate release. I deeply apologize for this inconvenience, I did my best to catch up and I promise to be working hard to get the next small bundle of Asylum 6 out when I am able to!

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