Our Work, My Thoughts – From Writer Ghostface

In the following, allow me to publish Ghostface’s writing in its unaltered form.

Hello, everyone, Ghostface here.

I have been working with Lock-Master for a long time and we have gone through years of content, and scripts, ideas, so and so forth. I have experimented a lot with the styles and some entries bordered on artistic, while others focused more on minimalism in favour of emphasizing the images. Art of this sort is a balance and yes, I do think that the contents on display from Lock-Master are a type of art that is often misunderstood. Some people have this idea that pornography cannot be art, but art can have pornographic elements. If I were to describe the works of Lock-Master, the renders are more like porn with artistic elements.

The fusion of this is always very interesting and the fact that there is a coherent plot, a lot of characterization, consistency, but also a willingness to do something new with the characters… I think it has kept me on this project for the long term in the same reasons the fan base stays.

Neither Lock-Master or myself speak English as a first language, so it has been interesting trying to orchestrate certain concepts and higher-brow narrative beats, while keeping it readable for the users.

The industry of writing and porn has changed a lot over the years. Things like AI have been contentious in the art world, alas, AI as an innovation is less like Radio to Television and more like the introduction of gunpowder. It can be used to make fireworks, but most of it is going to be made to make bullets and its easy to regulate fireworks, but its much harder to regulate bullets and who has them, where they are going, etc.

Another major change in the industry was the economic situation of the world and much of the socio-economic, geopolitical struggles that we face today.

I think people need a release, more than ever, in these trying times. And that is what these works sort of provide, a convenient covenant among like minded people with similar kinks and interests.

The world has changed so much from how it was when I had grown up and it had certainly affected myself and my family directly. That being said, there are so many things outside of our control as human beings.

BDSM stories, stories of dominance, control, loss of control – I think they are both relateable and comforting, while at the same time, they are a very human form of escapism. Our ancestors had it very difficult and the concepts of bondage, control, being subject to elements and the wills of others, far beyond our understanding – these are concepts that are very important in ancient human folklore and storytelling, ergo – also our languages, our culture and our understanding of one another.

Ironically, while many may see these stories as cruel, as is the intention – I think it actually does allow us to experiment with our empathy. We are able to find dark, cool, high quality stories about miserable things and miserable ladies undergowing terrible circumstances – but we are also to keep these stories as a special thing, that is different form our sympathies within our working lives, our family lives. While some people keep their enjoyment of these stories a secret, others enjoy these with their friends, their peers, sometimes even their lovers. I think that is what makes porn, as an at form, something that will become more normal in the coming years.

Societal barriers have pushed people away and by accepting natural parts of human sexuality, exploring fictional characters in fiction itself, I think we are coming closer to understanding our fellow humans more and more.

We appreciate this community, not just because you guys help feed us, but if you see the progression of quality as an evolution of an art form – then you can rightfully say you have contributed to the growing normality of porn with these dark, artistic characteristics.

I think it would be great if one day, more people would accept that this sort of artistic porn is, indeed, art.

That being said, I don’t think the taboo should ever be lifted from it. The fact that these subjects are taboo, are what make them erotic, interesting and frustrating to find. The rarity of it is apart of the charm. Thus why Lock-Master has aimed to become a master of this niche.

All I can say is that, the taboo is a beautiful place to thrive. Intellectual communities throughout history and from around the world have indulged in esotericism, sex, occultism, or… bondage and other forms of BDSM.

You’re all gentleman and gentleladies of a certain sophisticated persuasion. The taboo is surely a place where we can find our own light in the dark… or close ourselves away from the light, to delight in the dark itself.

We thank you all so much for your understanding, endless patience and considerations. We aim to give you the best, full-blooded content we are capable of delivering.

The future has surely changed, but the taboo remains the same.
Let’s all walk in the dark together.
Sincerely, Ghostface.


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