THE ASYLUM 7 – Nemesis [FULL] Released!


The conclusion to Asylum is here! In this final entry, we close one door only to open many others! All in all, we have had a long and adventurous journey. But this is far from the end, in terms of content to come. It is merely the end of Evelyn’s story.

We apologize for the long wait, this finale had a lot of technical focus and plenty of time brewing behind the scenes to ensure it is the best conclusion we could offer. Many things happened in our personal lives and the world, but alas – here it finally is!

Thank you everyone for all your patience and dedication to this series, your devote following has been inspiring.

In the finale to Asylum, Evelyn has faced every challenge possible. Every circumstance of decency has been violated. There is only one way this can end – a daring escape! But for who…?”

10 thoughts on “THE ASYLUM 7 – Nemesis [FULL] Released!”

  1. Metal Master

    When I tried to access Dropbox it says it cannot be accessed. Check internet connection or try later. Is there a problem being solved? Curious to read the substory.

  2. EisernerKauz

    Thank you for the last update. One story ends and a new one begins. I look forward to the new ideas you will have. The quality of your images is very remarkable!
    BUT I wish one thing above all for the future. MORE information about your work and publications, especially when announcements cannot be kept. I find the waiting very frustrating. Please remember, we pay for the content 😉

    1. Lock-Master

      I am very close to finishing the next one. This will be an another short chapter for the end of the Asylum because the Black Mistress not finished her work.;) After this will start a brand new story.

      1. Metal Master

        Awesome! I knew she wasn’t through with her yet. Really liked the lower frame of the body cage. Hope to see some good angles from beneath that show her back side as well.


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