The Asylum 6 – Breaking [688-809 pics][Full]

Greetings, everyone!

This announcement will be written by the writer Ghostface! For those in the United States, we hope you have enjoyed this special time for you and your families, if you celebrated the holidays! We are ending November with this story and hoping to get everyone craving what is to come next month.

In Asylum, Part 6 – we enter further into the ever deepening hell that is the Director’s insidious project. Evelyn finds her most intimate parts invaded by the Director, who is doing more than just taunting her soul. With the promise of being reunited with a certain, special individual – the exceptionally enduring Evelyn tries to find it within herself to hang on a little longer! But, will this journey end with her finding what she came here for? Unfortunately, there is nothing but dismay to follow. After all, Evelyn’s displeasure is the pleasure of Miss Natalia! Now, let us approach further toward the darkest chapters of The Asylum…

Lock-Master and I do apologize for how long it has taken for this month’s entry, but of course, sometimes life has a way to make things difficult. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the efforts to make these stories, as it is through your contributions that any of this is possible. In return, we hope to continue delivering engaging stories, with deep, intimately written characters – as well as stunning atmosphere, wonderful renderings and terrifying circumstances.

As always, the script, scenarios and renders are all down by Lock-Master. I, Ghostface, merely take his notes for the script and try to make them beautiful. Words are a powerful medium and BDSM content itself is an exploration of things that some people may consider “obscene”. There has been great effort into writing the erotica for these adventures with high effort – to ensure that it is an experience that is unique, but also entertaining in more ways than one.

We hope to see you all again soon. Your patience is appreciated and your feedback is beloved, as always. Working on The Asylum has been fantastic.

I know Lock-Master and I are always excited to bring more and more content each month. As always, we hope this story explores themes that are surprising. May it continue to enjoy and excite all of you!

Sincerely, Lock-Master and Ghostface.

Asylum chapter 1-3 now available on Dropbox too!

12 thoughts on “The Asylum 6 – Breaking [688-809 pics][Full]”

  1. mandingofiesta

    Great work! I really like the way the story is unfolding. I hate to see Evelyn lose the mask (I love the mask!), but I have a feeling that whatever’s next will be even worse! =D

  2. Hello Mister Lock-Master i was wondering if you could make some kind of deleted scene in wich we see Evelin’s suit regenate itself and recreate the zipper and the padlock after Angela wipped Evelin’s ass ?

    1. Lock-Master

      Hey, there’s no deleted part. I just skipped it because I thinked it is a bit boring since this is the same process like the removing of suit just backwards. There are much more interesting things will happening in the prison chamber. 😉

    1. Lock-Master

      In this part I’ve added “environmet fog” that may cause a little blury pictures that is caused by the fog’s attribute itself. The upcoming part will be without fog effect.

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