Fragments of Us – Lies and the Unexpected Visitor

Greetings, everyone!

As soon we draw the curtain on the Tomb Enslaver story, we’re excited to unveil the pilot episode of our next adventure. (The entire pilot episode will contain 63 images in the end.) This new narrative promises a special experience, elevating both the imagery and storytelling to new levels. We’re hoping these enhancements will make your journey with these works even more captivating.

My sincere apologies for the delays we encountered along the way. The responsibility lies squarely on my shoulders, largely due to my perfectionist tendencies. I’ve found myself reworking images time and again, unsatisfied with the initial outcomes. In a digital landscape cluttered with subpar content, an internet full of low quality and low effort porn images and stories, I’m committed to delivering nothing but better quality, pushing our creative limits to provide you with the best possible content compared to my current 3D knowledge.

Our recent efforts and meticulous refinement have paid off, leading to a improved content. We’ve made considerable strides in both visual and narrative quality. We’re eager for you to see the results. Now that we’ve honed our process, expect to see batches of about ten images released periodically. While I can’t pinpoint the exact timing due to the novelty of our method, rest assured, the wheels are always turning behind the scenes, even when new comics aren’t immediately forthcoming. Look forward to regular updates and sneak peeks of work in progress on our Discord channel!

– From now on, the promotional images will be made in a different form, to avoid spoiling the story within the content itself.

– The next image pack will be released this week as well. I will be publishing them in sets of 5-15 as post-processes are being done.

All parts are available via Dropbox main menu.
As always, your support is deeply appreciated!

Lock-Master, Ghostface


2 thoughts on “Fragments of Us – Lies and the Unexpected Visitor”

  1. thermograf1

    Bad luck and mishaps. Dropbox says “too many attempts”. I have tried several times with the correct password. I am not satisfied with it at all.

    Greetings Harald

    1. Lock-Master

      Can you try it again please? Right after a release Dropbox maybe overloaded and it gives this message. But some minutes/hours later it works again.


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