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First of all let me thank you so much for your support. Please let me introduce what contents will be available for you after subscription:

ALL of my previous and upcoming works:

    • More than ~6000 pictures in 2K-4K even 8K UHD resolution (Since the beginning of July 2018).
    • High quality animations in HD-FHD even UHD resolution , pictures and comics are up to 8K.
    • Access to Lock-Master forum where you can discuss about anything.
    • Access to Poll menu where you can vote different things that can shaping the upcoming scenes and story lines.
    • Access to Lock-Master Dropbox, where you can download my older works in a well organised folder structure included.
    • Access to online galleries, where you can watch my newest comics and pictures on the easiest way. The gallery system is optimised for all platforms like PC, Mobile, Tablet.
    • All contents are updating because I continuously working hard on upcoming stories / scenes in 8-10 hours per day.
    • I release new contents several times within a month.
    • I also make animations but 90% of my portfolio is about comics.

The price for membership is $45.00 every 6 Months.

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If you like my works and would like to support me, I am eternally grateful to all the members and any amount of support is extremely helpful! With this I am able to keep the content creation process as a full time job and ensuring that the content itself is delivered frequently. Thank you!

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