Well, when I started to create “Trophy – The Last of the Elven” I thought it would be a short and compact story, for the reason that earlier I had promised the release of 2 scenes within a month. It turned out however that I am now working 12 hour days on it and I am still not completely finished. More and more ideas keep coming to my mind as I make progress that make for a much more exciting this story. Finally it seems this scene will earn several different achievements compared with the work of the previous 2 years: Longest Scene, Highest Quality, and Most Intense. The story just reached the 300 picture mark! And in 4K too. I see the finished product being around 350 pictures.

I would like to ask for you guys to bear with me for a little longer as I am sure the final product will be to your satisfaction. I wouldn’t want to release an unfinished piece and as always I’ll put all of my skill and effort into every detail. Let me share with you another round of previews from this coming “gigantic scene”:


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