I’m still working on Capture Adventure Chapter 12, it will contain more bondage sequences than usual in a kinder of environment of sorts. The result will be more than 200 pictures in 4K resolution and a well restrained Amanda Diaz.:)
I think I can release this chapter within a week.

Let me share some new previews with you, from the upcoming chapter.:)


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    Any updates?
    Just wondering if it might be better to release smaller batches every fortnight or something?
    Its been over a month now 🙁

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      Hey, Yes I already splitted into two parts this chapter because the creation takes too much time. Currently working on the text/conversations and release it.

      Also I thinking of release in 5-10 frames package in the future instead of release hundreds of frames once. This may mean much more updates within a month.

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    When you have to tell a story please do not spread the releases on endless numbers. With only 5-10 fames per week/day etc.) the whole story flow will get lost and there is no chance to dive mentaly into the story, scene and the characters. I see your point that 200+ frames might be a lot of work but instead spreading the whole story into 10+ releases with a limited number of frames you could just do split the story into two parts with about 100 frames per release. With 100 frames there is still flow. I`d rather like to waite a few days to enjoy the whole story/scene/characters or at least a huge part of it, instead of endless releases. For me it is not just watching bondage frames, it is also to enjoy the story.

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      Yes agree. I didnt mean lots of updates a month… just really an update a month would be nice
      Or even 2 updates a month… every 2 weeks


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