Hello Everybody,

As you may have noticed the whole website has been rebuilt. Let me tell you the most important changes:

  • Menu system has been redesigned.
  • Blog: There is a “Blog” site that is accessible from outside without logging in. This is the new “News” menu. I will post there the upcoming contents and anything that happens that is related to the site or stories. Commenting is available under each Blog.
  • Master Key (posts): Another main menu option is the “Master Key“. These are Blog posts too, but only available for supporters. There you can find the posts about releases and download links.
  • Dropbox redesigned: This one is a more clear version. I also reorganized the folder structure. All previous contents available like before. I also renamed all .jpg files and added the related story’s title. Removed all .PNG images because there was a lot of feedback about these being useless and that it’d be preferred to download HQ .JPG instead of .PNGs. From now I will publish all scenes in 2K and 4K .JPG resolution, and the only download option will be the Dropbox. But I will copy this link to every new content post too. So you can download it easily and quickly.
  • Steel Key = Master Key. The old Steel Key subscription category has been renamed to Master Key. Also the original Forum is now the Master Key Forum.
  • From now I will also be active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and I will post every promo pictures there :). Links are available on the top-right side of the main page.
  • Poll also redesigned and available like before. From now on I will ask your opinion via poll more and more often as feedback (comments and forum posts too) is very important to me. These can give direction for the story or produce new content.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.=)

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