Trophy – The Last of the Elven is here! With 311 frames this is the largest standalone story from me. I hope enjoy it and please feel free to share any kind of feedback.:)

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    My apologies in advance for the harsh comment, but this was not what I had expected at all.

    I’m kinda used to your content being purely F/f, so when I saw a guy in a preview I was already a bit worried.
    I do however understand that having an audience you have to try and satisfy all tastes, so it was understandable to me.

    I wasn’t expecting your longest story to be focusing mostly on the guy and barely on the girl and her restraints though – or at least that’s the impression I got from watching this particular set.

    So again, I’m sorry for the comment, I understand that you put an insane amount of time into your work, and it’s never fun to read that someone dislikes it.
    I still love your work and wait impatiently for new installments to your other stories hoping they will come sooner than later.

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      Thank you for your feedback! I thinked previously I should try to something new because time to time It could be good. I will be back to the f/f line in the future because it is my favourite also. It was just a project that can colorize the “portfolio”.:) Every feedbacks are matter so thank you again.

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    I would like to give you a honest feedback. In general I really like your work and I am a huge fan of your short stories and the captured series. The artwork is excellent, the women and the costumes are nice, the scenes and I like your stories and scenries. Each scene is full of erotic. I am so exited with your girls and their fate. Cant wait to see what happened to the sweet pirate girl Sanyia and Amanda Diaz as well.

    However the new “Trophy” series” did not meet my taste. I understand that you have to satisfy a lot of different tastes but from my kind of view “Trophy” is too hard with less erotic compared to the other series. In the other stories you usually have a stronger focus on all the participating girls. In this one it is more about iron and brutality.

    Anyway, I totaly understand your point to colorize your portfolio and the satisfy different tastes. So I am looking forward to be sure at some point one of your next series will be more liekable for me. Keep on going your good work.

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      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! This and the the other previous feedback are help me a lot for determine the correct roadmap in contents. Next story will be the next part of Capture Adventure and I will stay at the F-F line and future contents will reflect for feedbacks. Thanks!:)


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