Next part of Trixy’s Escape Attempt just released: Vault No.5! Now 2K and noText version also available. 4K res. coming within some days and I already started to working on the next scene too. (At this Trixy pics series there was a rendering problem and this is why i delayed. There was some pics that I rendered more times again and again… But I learned many things from this so next time I will set up whole scene more carefully.)

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You can download this content via Dropbox menu. Don’t forget to share your opinion at the comment section or at Lock-Master Forum. Every feedback is welcomed!


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    I really like your work.
    This story reminds me of the evolution of Laura’s by JG-Leathers.
    think you illustrated this story and its bondage equipment held in a new story for example.
    thank you again for your works


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