The Asylum – Fusion – Part 4 [142 Pics][2K-4K]

Greetings, everyone!

Asylum – Fusion [Part 4] has arrived and it contains a total of 142 [2K-4K] pictures with accompanying text!

A lot of work went into this episode. There are some frames where I worked for hours upon hours to add the many details to best reflect the image I wanted to present to all of you! This chapter primarily had a latex theme, but don’t worry fans of metal restraints! They will have appearances in upcoming parts! In the episodes moving onward, there will be more interesting variations as I already have a LOT of ideas on how this story can progress. =)

This part is available at 2K gallery and 4K gallery.

Hint: You can hide the grey line from the top of the fullscreen view by one simple left mouse click anywhere on the picture. In this case you will see the pure full pictures.

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  1. Really good stuff 🙂
    Now just need to enable the Envira Download plugin so the loyal paying members can download the images…
    Anything you publish anywhere is going to be copied and put up somewhere else… punishing those that help you create the content isnt going to solve it… taking down the sites showing illegal images is….


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