THE ASYLUM 8 – Dominatrix – [Part 2]

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The torment of a formerly powerful individual continues, with the hope for their survival being rapidly stripped away in a game run by a terrible foe. Those who were once strong and confident, are now being pushed to their absolute breaking point! In this new entry of the Asylum epilogue story, we witness the surprising tale of a terrible experiment’s aftermath! But there are more than one twist left to unwind, from the root-like veins of this story’s rotten heart!

Within a week we will present the next entry in the Asylum epilogue special!


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3 thoughts on “THE ASYLUM 8 – Dominatrix – [Part 2]”

      1. My initial guess, assuming all your various stories take place in the same universe, was that the High Mistress shows up to re-take control of the rogue symbiote. (This is still possible; the preview image could be a Special Ops Myrmidon she sent in ahead to soften her up.) The High Mistress is the only character we’ve seen so far who’s powerful enough to handle this. Bringing in the High Mistress would also mean you wouldn’t have to do any new modelling :-).

        What happens to the Director afterward is an open question. I could easily see the High Mistress leaving her in her current state — “The wages of failure…”


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