The Asylum 7 – Nemesis – [Part 1] released!

First part of Asylum 7 – Nemesis has arrived! 

Ghostface here, the writer who brings Lock-Master’s amazing scripts to life! Of course, this is one of the most significant entries yet, as we finally get closer to the most interesting parts of Evelyn’s journey! Fans of the more deep texts of previous entries will appreciate the effort behind Asylum part 7, while those who enjoy the sharper more confined entries will still find pleasant amounts of interesting dialogue and overall – a good pace, but with a bulk of content!  How will Evelyn’s descent into the deeper parts of the Asylum end? We shall see, as we enter 2022!  
We of course, want to thank everyone who has been with this project and generously keeping it alive through subscriptions! You are the best fanbase of all time and Lock-Master and I deeply appreciate all of you! A lot of challenges have come this year, but we thank you all for your patience and consideration! This entry felt extra special, given it is such a season for the holidays. We hope that it will appeal to everyone and fans of the Asylum series will be surprised by the twists and turns.  
Regardless of which holidays you all practice or how you practice them, we hope you are all well during these times! May this year have a good ending, so that we may enter 2022 with optimism and strong attitudes. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “The Asylum 7 – Nemesis – [Part 1] released!”

  1. Hey Lock-Master. Happy New Year! Will there be some pictures this month or any news when the story continues? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any information on Discord for a long time and there was no newsletter either. Since I’ve now switched from Patreon, I unfortunately don’t see any messages there anymore. G’s

    1. Hey and Happy New Year too! The newest part just released today! The third part will be the last part and the 7th chapter is the final chapter. I will close the Asylum story with 7th and start a new one.

      1. mandingofiesta

        If you’re finishing the series in the next part, please give Evelyn a BAD ending, lock her up like Trixie or the Dog Slave. She deserves it!


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