The Asylum 6 – Breaking [723-760 pics]

Hello – Everyone!


 The second part of Asylum 6 is here! Evelyn is forced to succumb to the ultimate torment that a woman of her stature can face – being utterly subdued and restricted from fighting back. Worse yet, the Director has decided to enact entirely on her wrath for all the troubles Evelyn has caused for her experiments! Before, Evelyn was merely helpless. But now, in the grasp of Natalia, she is utterly hopeless. See now, the next entry in a world of personal horror and bondage – a world where the heroine loses.

This time around, the announcement was made by the writer – Ghostface! It has been a pleasure working with all of you these past few months. Your warm receptions only make it easier for us at Lock-Master to produce the quality content you are used to! This entry is one of my favourites to write. While I have no hand in the script itself in terms of action and I am given a lot of freedom with the dialogue, this wouldn’t be possible without Lock-Master’s fantastic scenarios and all of the support we get from you all, the audience!

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  1. mandingofiesta

    Hey, Lockmaster. I’m not trying to rush you or anything, but it’s been almost a month since your last upload and you haven’t been responding to comments. You recently mentioned that you had some health problems. Are you alright? Did you have to go back to the hospital? Again I’m not trying to rush you or tell you how to do your job, but you’ve always uploaded regularly and you’ve always responded to comments very promptly. As a fan of your work I’m a little concerned. I hope you’re ok.

    1. Hello, there will a release in this month too of course! The amount of pictures are not clearly fixed right now but I do my best. These aren’t the easiest days of my life but basically there will be atlast one release in this month as like at previously months. Earlier I planned to release more but smaller parts but not everything worked out best for this new release method in this month. I hope december will be different and I can release more often. Sorry for this.


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