I am already working on the next scene that will be in the second part of Capture Adventure XII! I am really trying to finish it for December and release it before the new year. Let me share a 4K preview picture with you :).

Also there was a little modification to the website:

  • The “Master Key” menu has been combined together with the “Blog” menu and the “Master Key” removed. Everybody can open all posts but the download link only works with an Active Membership.
  • The posts with linked animation are also available only to Members.
  • Added a new menu called “Previews” where you can find the released promo pictures for each story, which have been created before their release.

Capture Adventure – Chapter 12 – part 2 [Preview]


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    Awesome 🙂
    Will look forward to it
    Have a great Xmas and lets hope next year is a lot better than this one 🙂


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