I would like to ask for forgiveness from everybody concerning the delays in the scene releases of the last two months. But I think I owe it to you all to inform you of the main reason: As you may be aware from a previous post, my wife was pregnant with twins… and I am very pleased to let you all know that the time finally came!:)) Our twin daughters were born just a week ago and now we are a bit “going nuts” because they are our first babies. And there are two.:)

About the next scene: The second part of Happy Birthday will be released soon, having almost all frames already completed (more then 100 pics). I will also continue the Capture Adventure Series with the third part of Live Pleasure. There were also some questions about if there would be a second part for Bondage-Game of Thrones so I’d like to let you all know that it is also on the list.

I’ve been keeping an eye on results the of the “Would you like to see more intense scenes?” poll and I appreciate you all voting! The result of the patreon and Lock-Master website’s polls have come together and the final results show that you would like to see scenes between Level 8-10 intensity but closer to 10. I will keep it in my mind when creating contents!=)


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    Congratulations on the birth of your twins 🙂
    Thats certainly a very worthy reason for any delays, so thanks for letting us know 🙂
    Will look out for new scenes whenever you are ready

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    Must have your hands full with 2 newborns 😀

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      Hey, yes there will be update in August. I’ve just added few more frames to Happy Birthday part 2 because I would like to close this story. After this the next one will be the Capture Adventure chapter 12 in first half of September.

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          The story is expanded. The finally there will be 213 frames. Only the texts are left. I think I can release it within ~2 days. As always it is 4K res. of course.

          update: Final is 239 pictures in Part 2. Just released.

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    I just wanted to tell you: thank you and congratulations from France for your work


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