Last chapter of “The Asylum” and upcoming content


In the last two months – something happened that had not before in the last 4 years in the whole history of Lock-Master Corp: I did not release completed content. I am deeply sorry. A series of unpredictable events outside of my control occurred consecutively. Of course, I would have preferred that these did not happen and that I could have kept the pace of posting content that I am known for, in accordance to my own standards. I fully intend to return to that consistent pace, as I have a lot of ideas for new stories that I really want to tell!

There are around 90 pics ready for the newest entry in the Asylum series, the only thing that remains is Ghostface’s process of writing the text from the script. After that, I will  release the new entry. There will be additional pictures from the end of Asylum that will be released after this initial pack. All in all, this will be the conclusion of the current Asylum arc. (Note: This does not mean these characters will disappear forever, as they are likely to make cameo appearances or play roles in new stories in the future. In a way, I intend to create a connected universe with consistent plot points and this is one of the first steps toward such.)

Concerning the future: Things are going to calm down and normalize soon, finally! With the conclusion of the Asylum arc, I intend to post updates every week and share previews about new stories consistently, while also providing more context to various projects and content to expect! We will start with more polls about the next main story arc’s content to be. I hope that I would be able to eventually publish something every week, if at all possible. Not hundreds of pictures at once, or course – but somewhere between 20-50 per entry I believe is achievable.

Last but not least, I want to say a huge thanks to all of you who have stood by me and this project during this difficult time!

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  1. EagleAye2189

    It’s okay. I’m sure we are all just glad to here you’re doing well and the new posting method sounds incredible steady content is always better than 1 massive drop all the time. I love to support you’re art but what I hate is paying for nothing. So hope this doesn’t happen again and if it does just talk to us <3


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