I must close the vote because the work is now at the phase when the color of the catsuit must be decided.:) Thank you to everybody who voted! The results are coming together in the Patreon site’s poll. It was interesting how close the first and second place were to each other! Wow!

The final result was:  
Black:  66
Red: 21
Pink: 39
Purple: 12
Transparent: 67
Without catsuit: 35

In the end the TRANSPARENT was the victor! It looks we will see much more from Amanda’s soft body as she struggle in bondage.:)

I am already done with 74 pictures and if everything goes well the next part will be released much sooner than previous chapter!

Also let me share with you two preview pictures from this chapter.:) The highest quality in 4K is downloadable from Dropbox (Capture Adventure / WIP Pictures)


  1. Avatar



    hmm transparent seems an odd choice… but will it be slightly smokey transparent black or just clear?
    Transparent purple is always my fave of course… lol
    Are you going for full coverage with a sealed hood as well? 🙂
    Will look forward to seeing how it works out

    • Lock-Master



      In poll result the black and transparent are really close to each other. However the transparent won, in the scene the transparent catsuit will be combined with a little dark shade.:)

      • Avatar



        yes slightly smokey transparent full total coverage might be really hot 🙂
        just plain clear transparent might just look like shiny skin, like the shower scene, which you do very well of course 🙂

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