Chapter VI just released!   There was a part within this chapter, that is related to the upcoming chapter VII, which I had to change, that being the reason for the delay in this release.  I am planning one more chapter that will be a tad bit more intense compared to the previous ones.  In short: The worst of latex broad’s slavery is yet to come.>:)

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    It was worth the wait!
    I was hoping it would have a bit more steel in it than latex, but it was still great 🙂

    The pet-girl is the one that was earlier trapped in the horizontal cage, yes (that is, for now, my favorite chapter by the way).
    Again, really curious, how you plan to end the story 🙂

    • Lock-Master



      The chapter VII will contain more steel, unexpected chastity belt event and moooaar pleasure.:)
      The red haired girl in the bitch suit was who trapped in the steel coffin in chapter III. Other two were on the ship at the beginning of chapter I. Oh and there will be an additional character who do sis nothing in chapter VI, but now…:)

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    I was really into the first girl in the cage. That is a different Lucy than the one in “GUARDIAN” right? I only remember the name because she was my favorite.

    • Lock-Master



      Haha yes, the name is same. But these two girls from very beginning of chapter I. They were on the ship on the first frames.

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