Chapter V is here! But first of all there’s an important thing: I’ve added many more characters and scenery than originally planned, making chapter V huge. It now has over 280 pictures and more to come! You’ve all waited for so long so I’ve decided to split it into smaller chapters and release one by one rather than keeping you waiting for the entire thing. There will be 3 stand-alone chapters now instead and I will release one at a time, starting with Chapter V. Chapter VI will also be released this week, followed by VII next week!

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  1. 001 – 063
  2. 064 – 113
  3. 114 – 335
  4. 336 – 530
  5. 530 – 580
  6. [In progress]

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    The quality of the scenes is as always top-notch and a feast for the eyes!

    As for part V, I’ll be honest and say that it felt more like an interlude rather than a standalone chapter – just not that much going on in it.
    But, I’m aware that originally you had planned on releasing one huge exciting chapter and I know that more will follow shortly.
    So, yet again I’ll repeat myself: I can’t wait to see and read what’s about to happen in the next stage.

    Thank you!

    • Lock-Master



      Thank you so much! In this case the story isn’t changing just the serving. Instead of a very big and heavy lunch, there will be “breakfast”, “lunch” and a great “dinner”.=)

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    want to see some story about a girl volunteerly getting into permanent bondage and then regret.

    • Lock-Master



      After Capture Adventure story I will make shorter ones, and of course there will be trapped in self bondage and tricked in bondage happenings too. These are my favourites.:)

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