Capture Adventure Chapter 12 (Part 1) is here with 175 pictures! I split it into two parts the whole chapter 12 because this chapter will pretty huge with about more than ~300 pictures and I wasn’t able to finish the whole episode until now.

We saw better days of release frequency in the past so I would like to inform you all about the reasons for the recent delays.

Currently me, my wife, and our newborn children are all living in a single household with my wife’s parents. As the first trial and tribulation her father brought home a little surprise from his workplace in the form of COVID… Shortly after we found ourselves in home-quarantine. We tried to pay as much attention as possible to stay away from any possible contact but unfortunately in the end my wife and her mother also caught it. Because of this I spent a lot of time trying to help and support her much as I could to take care of our babies. Now more than 2 weeks have already passed and fortunately it seems I didn’t catch this evil little gremlin or I just don’t have any symptoms. (In my country the government performs only one test within a family and if there is at least one positive, well.. everybody else is assumed to have also suffered contagion so they are left to their luck..) I am trying to hurry as much as possible with the second part of chapter 12 that will be a pretty INTENSIVE.

About release frequencies: After this chapter there will be at last one huge or two smaller releases in each month starting with November and hopefully things will keep looking better.

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  1. 001 – 063
  2. 064 – 113
  3. 114 – 335
  4. 336 – 530
  5. 530 – 580
  6. 581 – 768
  7. 769 – 955
  8. 956 – 1099
  9. 1100-1186
  10. 1187-1333
  11. 1334-1539
  12. 1540-1711

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    Another great chapter! For all subsequent chapters, PLEASE title each image beginning with “Capture_Adventure-“. You omitted the “e” at the end of “Adventure”. It really screwed up the order of the images in my folder.

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    Which country are you from?Wish everything goes well with you.

    • Lock-Master



      Hey, I’m from Hungary. For now everything is great and I am now back to work again with full power!:)

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    ITs a month now do you know when P2 will be out? cant wait 🙂


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