Capture Adventure – Chapter XI has just been released!:)

In the previous chapter we got to know a parallel story about an arrogant gold-digger but sexy film star, Amanda. She was staying in a hotel before the start of a new filming.  But as a result of unexpected events, not only does it appear she may be late on stage, it seems she may never get there at all.

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Chapters – Pics No.

  1. 001 – 063
  2. 064 – 113
  3. 114 – 335
  4. 336 – 530
  5. 530 – 580
  6. 581 – 768
  7. 769 – 955
  8. 956 – 1099
  9. 1100-1186
  10. 1187-1333
  11. 1334-1540

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    Damn thats awesome as always!
    Loved the “dressing” part as it moved over her and the hooding part was really well done 🙂
    If only dressing up was as easy as that 🙂
    Will there be options to fully seal her in the latex? like the open areas get covered at some points?

    • Lock-Master



      Ohhh… yeah!=) With this modern suit technology everything is possible. There will be polls about following options included with latex and metal materials!

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    Also dont want to rush you.. but whens the next set out? 🙂
    only kidding but if its around 3 weeks or so between sets thats pretty awesome for the quality of work 🙂

    • Lock-Master



      =) Well currently I making contents as main job and I work at last 8 but sometimes 10-12 hours per day on scenes. The long time is the result of the higher pics amount in high resolution and I also try to bring a bit maximalist attitude in the quality too. Because there are many other 3D porn on the internet, but I hope I can show something different that is included the quality.
      There is an another perspective that is depending on my skills in programs that I use. I always try to learn more techniques and implement them in scenes as much as possible. I just hope this progress is at last a bit noticeable If you check back the older scenes and compare them to the newer ones. But the time… damn time.:)

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      You could almost do a small movie out of the last adventure damn … so nice

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